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More teams earn ‘certified engaged’ status

Appling, GA, Post Office employees pose with plaque
Employees at the Appling, GA, Post Office are among 538 teams that have achieved certified engaged status from USPS. From left are Rural Carrier Robert Polk, Rural Carrier Virginia Wallace, Highway Contract Route Driver Aaron Trahan, Rural Carrier Associate Teresa Cartledge, Rural Carrier Albert Patterson and Postmaster Barbara Stonehill.

Almost 540 Postal Service teams have demonstrated their success in creating positive workplace environments, up 14 percent from a year ago.

The teams achieved “certified engaged” status, which USPS gives to workplaces that meet selected criteria, including having at least 75 percent of their employees participate in the Postal Pulse survey.

“Each of these teams has demonstrated engagement excellence, which leads to employees who are more enthusiastic, involved and committed to their work, as well as improved business outcomes,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams.

In addition to participating in the Postal Pulse survey, certified teams regularly incorporate the 12 engagement principles — including recognizing employee performance and providing employees with learning opportunities — into their daily interactions.

Additionally, team leaders share their survey results with their employees and regularly conduct one-on-one meetings with employees to set expectations.

The certified team initiative is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to boost employee engagement. The benefits of an engaged workforce include higher employee retention and more customer satisfaction.

A list of the 538 certified engaged teams is available on Blue. The Employee Engagement LiteBlue site has general information, and questions can be emailed to

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