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What’s your idea?

USPS to seek employees’ suggestions

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This image will be included in a postcard to promote IdeaSMART, an initiative that will allow employees to submit ideas to improve the Postal Service.

Postal Service employees will soon have a new way to share their ideas to improve the organization.

IdeaSMART, a collaborative employee idea platform, is slated to be introduced in November. Employees will be able to use it to submit ideas that could be implemented by USPS.

The initiative is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to strengthen workforce development and equip employees with better tools and resources.

Here’s how IdeaSMART will work:

• The platform will be available through LiteBlue. Employees can use IdeaSMART to post an idea in response to a project that a manager needs assistance with, or they can post general ideas for individual departments, such as Operations, Human Resources and Marketing and Sales.

• Once posted, other employees can read the submitted ideas and comment and vote on them.

Ideas will be reviewed by decision-makers and moved through an approval process for possible implementation.

“Throughout the Postal Service’s history, many of our best innovations have come from employees,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson. “IdeaSMART will give us a new method to foster collaboration and harness the knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise of the USPS workforce.”

The IdeaSMART LiteBlue page has additional information.

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