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Remembering the week that was

Postal worker loads delivery vehicle
Erie, PA, Letter Carrier Joe Kiehlmeier, a 24-year USPS employee, loads a delivery vehicle last week as returns season began.

Here’s Link’s latest “News quiz,” a weekly feature that invites readers to test their knowledge of recent stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. Where will this year’s National Postal Forum be held?

a) Baltimore
b) Detroit
c) San Antonio
d) Washington, DC

2. When is the last day to donate to the current Combined Federal Campaign?

a) Jan. 10
b) Jan. 12
c) Jan. 27
d) Feb. 2

3. Retiring Chief Customer and Marketing Officer James P. Cochrane has not held a prior role in which USPS group?

a) Government Relations
b) Information Technology
c) Marketing
d) Operations

4. True or false: The Postal Service’s digital storage capacity is 35 terabytes.

a) True
b) False

5. USPS operates approximately how many return delivery units across the nation?

a) 10,000
b) 12,000
c) 14,000
d) 16,000

Answers: 1) c. 2) b. 3) a. 4) b. 5) d.

Look for a new quiz next week and share your feedback with Link at

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