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‘A lasting impact’

Cochrane to retire from USPS

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Chief Customer and Marketing Officer James P. Cochrane will retire Feb. 2 after 43 years with the Postal Service.

Chief Customer and Marketing Officer James P. Cochrane will retire next month after more than 43 years of USPS service.

Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan announced the retirement in a Jan. 2 memo, writing that Cochrane has had “a lasting impact” on the organization and the mailing and shipping industry.

“In his recent roles as chief customer and marketing officer and chief information officer, and in numerous prior roles in Operations, Sales, Marketing and Information Technology, he has been an innovative leader, anticipating our business challenges, identifying growth opportunities and formulating and executing strategies to improve our ability to compete for customers,” Brennan wrote.

Cochrane helped develop the Intelligent Mail barcode and Intelligent Mail package barcode, two initiatives that improved the Postal Service’s ability to track mail and packages.

Other achievements include Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility, as well as the development of Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping and other offerings that helped drive growth in the organization’s package business.

Brennan hailed Cochrane’s focus on both businesses and consumers. “Jim has been a tireless advocate for the customer, and for improving the experience every customer has with us,” she wrote.

The retirement takes effect Feb. 2. A successor will be named at a later date.

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