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Employees share holiday card stories

Woman holds Christmas card
Postal Service employees say they take pride in preserving the tradition of mailing holiday greeting cards each year.

Link received an overwhelming response to its recent request for stories from USPS employees who send holiday greeting cards.

We included several employees in the article we posted last week, but we also heard from folks like Teresa Navarette, a San Diego-based disability compliance specialist who mails more than 150 cards a year, and Cher Rupp Riggeri, a Norman, OK, retiree whose Christmas card list has 100 names and addresses.

Other enthusiasts include Juan Cuenca, an Orlando, FL, maintenance mechanic who went to the Christmas, FL, Post Office this year to have its famed postmark applied to his cards.

Here’s what other employees had to say:

• “I still send Christmas cards and so do many of my family and friends. We still think it is a nice way of keeping in touch with each other during the holiday season.” — Laura Fix, clerk, Minneapolis

• “I take pride in handwriting a personal note in each [card] and hand-addressing them. It just seems to mean more when you do it all by pen.” — Kimberly Freeborough, financial specialist, Richmond, VA

• “I still send cards to my friends and family at Christmas. I even send a little personal note in the card with a rundown of the family happenings during the past year.” — Carolyn Moore-Bright, retail associate, Greenbush, VA

• “I hang up each card I receive on a closet door so that everyone that comes in can see them. [These] cards contain pictures, the latest news, expressions of condolences and achievements.” — Nancy Lee Harding, strategic accounting manager, Washington, DC

Jessica Sanders, a retail associate in Stockertown, PA, said Christmas cards remain an important part of the mail mix.

“[We’re] delivering something happy and cheerful,” she said.

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