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Holiday postmarks keep small offices busy

Postmaster Diane Tiller
Bethlehem, GA, Postmaster Diane Tiller receives mail from customers across the nation seeking her office’s special postmark.

Business is booming at the Christmas, FL, Post Office.

The office is receiving thousands of pre-stamped letters and packages from customers seeking the town’s beloved “Greetings from Christmas, Florida” postmark.

“You often can’t even get in the door this time of year, it’s so packed,” customer Linda Humphrey told Florida Today last week.

Christmas is one of several aptly named towns that participate in the Postal Service’s holiday-themed cancellation postmarks program.

Bethlehem, GA, Postmaster Diane Tiller expects to affix her office’s “Christmas Greetings from Bethlehem” postmark to 150,000-200,000 cards during peak season.

“The excitement [is] just overwhelming,” Tiller said.

At another Bethlehem Post Office — this one in Pennsylvania — high school students are helping employees stamp postmarks, TV station WFMZ reported last week.

Volunteers also are helping at the two-person Rudolph, OH, Post Office, which expects to receive 75,000 mailpieces in December — more than four times the usual amount.

Despite the surge in activity, the Toledo City Paper reports Postmaster Charlotte Lamb always provides visitors with free coffee and homemade cookies.

“At Christmas, we go wild,” Lamb said.

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