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Through the storm

Video highlights Irma’s aftermath

Hurricane Irma video
USPS has released a video that showcases employees’ efforts during the recovery from Hurricane Irma.

A new video highlights efforts to restore USPS service in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

The powerful storm left devastation throughout the Caribbean and southeastern portion of the United States last month.

The 2-minute video shows employees working to sort and deliver mail in hard-hit communities in the Florida Keys.

Among the first to re-enter these areas were postal inspectors, who checked on employees and USPS facilities to ensure their safety.

“We’ve been focusing on people first, ensuring that our employees are safe,” Miami Assistant Inspector in Charge Delany De Leon-Colòn says in the video.

Restoring service quickly was also a priority.

“It’s very important for our citizenry to see letter carriers out on the streets delivering mail so that normalcy, or some sense of normalcy, can come back to these hardest impacted areas,” says Inspector in Charge Tony Gomez.

USPS also released a video this week on efforts to restore service after Hurricane Harvey.

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