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Coming together

Video showcases employees’ efforts after Harvey

Man talk on phone in blue postal hat and red vest

A new Postal Service video shows how employees rose to the occasion in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The catastrophic hurricane dropped more than 50 inches of rain on southeastern Texas, causing widespread flooding that displaced thousands of people. Despite the destruction, USPS employees aided customers in a variety of ways.

“Once I got here, my supervisor position mode came in,” San Antonio Customer Services Supervisor Juan Loyola says in the 1-minute, 22-second video. “It was, ‘OK, take initiative, make a difference.’”

Loyola was one of several employees who assisted storm victims at Houston shelters with change-of address forms and pick-up mail service.

“We were able to get the information out to the tenants here … that the Post Office is here to help them transition in this time of need,” Loyola says. “We were the light in a time of darkness.”

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