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Teddy talk

USPS delivers for bear company

The Vermont Teddy Bear Co. relies on USPS to deliver its handcrafted teddy bears with the same care it takes to create them.

“Getting a Vermont Teddy Bear in the mail is like no other experience,” the company’s president and chief executive officer, Bill Shouldice, says in a new video.

“The United States Postal Service is the last person to touch our package before the customer receives it, and the relationship we have with them is second to none.”

Many Vermont Teddy Bear customers order products for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays, so the company appreciates the Postal Service’s ability to deliver on weekends and holidays to addresses around the world.

“Sometimes people wait until the last minute to place their orders, and just as we are there for that customer, so is the United States Postal Service,” says Adam Sbardellati, the company’s distribution manager.

The 1-minute, 45-second video is part of “In Conversation With,” a series that highlights USPS business customers. Recent episodes showcased the online companies Adore Me and Tradesy.

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