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Perfect fit

Fashion execs trust USPS to deliver quality

Adore Me adores USPS.

The online company provides “fast fashion” — clothing collections that change monthly — and relies on the Postal Service to deliver customers’ orders quickly and efficiently.

“Having a trusted shipper like USPS is vital,” Gary Bravard, the company’s co-founder, says in a new video. “They give us the option to give options to our customers.”

In addition to the Postal Service’s shipping options, Adore Me executives appreciate the organization’s ability to keep up with its fast growth.

“Whether we have 1,000 or 10,000 or … 50,000 orders, it doesn’t really matter,” Bravard says. “USPS will accommodate and will work with us.”

The 1-minute, 52-second video is part of “In Conversation,” a series that highlights USPS business customers. Another recent episode featured the online marketplace Tradesy.

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