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The list: 7 stories you might have missed

Marathon, FL, Rural Carrier Judy Gardiner prepares packages for delivery in Hurricane Irma’s aftermath last month.

In recent weeks, Link has covered the Postal Service’s response to hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Here’s another look at how USPS is aiding the recovery efforts.

1. Restoring service. The Postal Service is continuing to get operations back to normal in the affected areas, including Houston, the Florida Keys and the Caribbean.

2. Resuming deliveries. Letter carriers and rural carriers are expressing gratitude to be back on the streets, providing reassurance as customers return to their damaged homes.

3. Working safely. Postal inspectors are playing a crucial role by helping employees and ensuring they resume work in places where it’s safe to do so.

4. Aiding customers. Employees visited emergency shelters throughout the affected areas to help hurricane victims reconnect with their mail.

5. Helping displaced co-workers. Employees at damaged Post Offices have been temporarily moved to other facilities, where employees are welcoming them with open arms.

6. Assisting employees. Through Oct. 13, voluntary donations to the Postal Employees’ Relief Fund help those whose homes were damaged or destroyed.

7. Handling with care. Even while dealing with their own storm-related hardships, employees are caring for colleagues and delivering hope to customers through the mail.

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