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Celebrating heritage

The list: 5 stamps featuring Hispanic-Americans

Hispanic American stamps
Stamps honoring Hispanic-Americans include, clockwise from top left, a Forever Selena stamp (2011), a Forever Lydia Mendoza stamp (2013), a Forever Jaime Escalante stamp (2016), a one dollar David G. Farragut stamp (1903), and a 2-cent John Phillip Sousa stamp (1940).

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, “The list” looks at five Hispanic and Latino Americans who have been recognized with stamps.

1. David G. Farragut. In 1903, the Navy admiral and Civil War hero became the first Hispanic-American to be featured on a postage stamp. He also graced a 3-cent Navy stamp in 1937 and a 32-cent Civil War stamp in 1995.

2. John Phillip Sousa. Famous for composing and conducting patriotic and military band marches, the Spanish-American “March King” was honored with a 2-cent stamp in 1940.

3. Selena. In 2011, the Mexican-American singer was remembered on a Latin Music Legends stamp for her role in popularizing Tejano music and breaking gender barriers.

4. Lydia Mendoza. Best known for performing traditional Mexican songs with her 12-string guitar, the “Lark of the Border” was celebrated on a 2013 Music Icons stamp.

5. Jaime Escalante. The Los Angeles teacher known for using unconventional methods to inspire inner-city high school students was honored with a 2016 stamp.

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