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Making the grade

Students, admirers praise Escalante stamp

The Jaime Escalante stamp is proving popular with admirers of the beloved teacher — including his former students.

“I can never talk about Mr. Jaime Escalante without tears,” Elsa Bolado, a student of Escalante’s, told the Los Angeles Times at a special dedication ceremony last week.

Escalante is remembered for his success teaching calculus to inner-city Los Angeles high school students. His efforts inspired the film “Stand and Deliver,” which starred Edward James Olmos as Escalante.

“He gave us confidence. And now when we run into problems, we don’t shy away from them,” said Rosa Gutierrez, another former student.

Fans are also sharing their appreciation on social media.

A video about the stamp has been shared more than 500 times on Facebook, where one user praised Escalante as “a remarkable man.” Another fan wrote, “Nice to see a teacher on a stamp.”

The stamp was dedicated July 13 in Washington, DC, where Olmos delivered a stirring tribute.

“I don’t know one pope, one engineer, one sports giant, or one astronaut that could have done it without a teacher,” Olmos said.

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