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Good housekeeping

Best practices: Keeping it clean and pristine

Ramona, CA, Retail Associate Kristin Deshazo
Ramona, CA, Retail Associate Kristin Deshazo is helping USPS keep its retail lobbies clean and neat.

Kristin Deshazo takes pride in the appearance of her retail lobby.

The Ramona, CA, retail associate knows her customers expect a neat and clean area that has the materials they need to do business with USPS.

“I begin each day by checking the lobby to make sure the Priority Mail boxes are fully stocked and arranged neatly,” Deshazo says.

She also makes sure her retail window is tidy and stocked with the forms customers need.

Keeping retail areas clean and pristine allows employees to work efficiently and effectively, according to Retail and Customer Service Operations VP Kelly Sigmon.

“A clean and tidy workspace tells our customers that we are proud of what we do and where we work,” Sigmon says.

Deshazo has a few tips for her fellow employees:

• Do it yourself. If you see trash in the lobby, pick it up.

• Help customers to keep it clean. “If a customer has trash in their hands, I ask for it and throw it away so it doesn’t get left on the counter,” Deshazo says.

• Check the lobby during downtime. Use the time to make sure things look their best.

“When I see that we’re running low on supplies or there’s trash on the floor, I’ll put up my ‘Closed’ sign and step out to take care of it,” Deshazo says.

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