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Paycheck memories, flags and more

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Rochester, NY, Letter Carrier Jim Lyons shows his first paycheck — 50 years later — to Ron Vinciguerra, his supervisor.

Paycheck memories. A Rochester, NY, employee who recently marked his 50th year on the job brought a special memento to his anniversary party: His first paycheck.

James Lyons has worked as a letter carrier since 1967. Back then, he was paid $2.59 per hour.

At his party, Lyons offered some friendly advice to USPS newcomers.

“Work hard and stay out of trouble. You’ll be just fine,” he said.

Red, white and blue. The Postal Bulletin’s latest edition reviews regulations for the proper display of the U.S. flag at postal facilities.

The cover story explains how to present the flag at full staff and half-staff. Also included are other tips to ensure no disrespect is shown to the U.S., Postal Service and POW-MIA flags.

The June 22 edition also has information about the new Total Eclipse of the Sun stamp, as well as the forthcoming Sharks and Protect Pollinators stamps.

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