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Cyber training, recycling and stamp updates

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Employees and contractors must complete CyberSafe at USPS training courses on time or risk having their ACE computer access limited.

Training requirements. All Postal Service employees and contractors with access to the ACE computer system must complete their required CyberSafe at USPS training on time.

Employees and contractors who fail to meet the deadline will experience limited ACE access until the training is completed.

This change will take effect with the CyberSafe courses that are due June 30.

The Postal Service is asking managers and supervisors to share this information with their employees and contractors immediately.

The CyberSafe at USPS Training Blue page has more information. If you have further questions, email

Battery recycling reminder. USPS has canceled its battery mail-back programs at the Atlanta Mail Recovery Center and Tampa Logistics and Distribution Center.

Sites must stop mailing batteries to these locations for recycling. Instead, sites must use vendor-provided Mailback Services or National Waste Management Contractors on eBuy2 to recycle batteries.

The Used Batteries Environmental Compliance Bulletin has more information.

Sharks! The Postal Service will release its Sharks stamps July 26.

The stamps, which USPS announced last fall, will be dedicated at the Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY. Last week’s news release has more information.

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