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Dog days

Employee uses USPS tactics to avoid attack

Male letter carrier holds mail and dog spray
Millersville, MD, Letter Carrier Darius Buggs demonstrates how he used repellent spray to protect himself during a recent dog attack. Buggs also used his satchel to protect himself during the attack.

A Baltimore District employee relied on his Postal Service training to avoid a dog attack last week.

Millersville, MD, Letter Carrier Darius Buggs was delivering mail when a dog jumped a fence and began charging him.

Buggs remained calm, used his satchel to protect himself and sprayed the dog with repellent until it ran away.

He then reported the incident to his supervisor.

“If it weren’t for the continuing education and stand-up talks that we receive, this matter could have been a 911 call, rather than a call to my supervisor,” Buggs said.

Millersville Postmaster Tony Henson said it’s important for employees to remain alert, especially during the warmer months.

“We are in the summer season when most dog bites occur,” he said.

The number of USPS employees attacked by dogs reached 6,755 in 2016 — more than 200 higher than the year before.

The Safety Blue page has tips for preventing dog bites, including a Safety Depends on Me video. USPS also offers tips to help customers secure their pets.

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