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Bucks, batteries and battlefield missives

Deer in Post Office
A recent visitor to the Chemung, NY, Post Office departs.

Oh, deer! Now that National Dog Bite Prevention Week is over, does USPS need a week to raise awareness of other four-legged friends?

The Chemung, NY, Post Office recently received a visit from a buck that has been hanging around town for about a month. The deer is said to be tame and not afraid of people, barking dogs or “No Animals Allowed” signs.

According to Retail Associate Dawn Correll, the buck entered the Post Office, approached the counter and nosed around before heading for the exit.

Perhaps he was hoping to find some Rudolph stamps?

Battery rundown. USPS has canceled its battery mail-back programs at the Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta and the Logistics and Distribution Center in Tampa.

Instead, employees must use vendor-provided Mailback Services or National Waste Management Contractors on eBuy2 to recycle batteries.

The Used Batteries Environmental Compliance Bulletin has more information.

It’s personal. The National Postal Museum has introduced “My Fellow Soldiers: Letters from World War I,” an exhibit that showcases personal correspondence exchanged by American soldiers and their loved ones.

The exhibit runs through November 2018. The museum’s site has more information.

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