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Informed Delivery resources available

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Informed Delivery provides users with digital previews of their incoming mail.

The Postal Service offers several resources to help employees answer consumers’ questions about Informed Delivery.

Informed Delivery is an optional, free feature that provides residential consumers with digital previews of their incoming mail.

What should you do if you receive questions about Informed Delivery?

• If you encounter a consumer who is not signed up for the feature, direct him or her to

At this site, potential users can check if Informed Delivery is available in their ZIP Code. They also can sign up for the feature, read FAQs and more.

• If a consumer is already using the feature and needs help, encourage him or her to use the customer support link on their online dashboards. This link also appears at the bottom of the Informed Delivery email notifications — referred to as “digests” — that some users receive.

USPS also distributed brochures and pocket pads that employees can use to answer consumers’ questions.

The Postal Service is encouraging employees to sign up and use Informed Delivery first-hand. Signing up is voluntary and must be completed off the clock.

The Informed Delivery pages on Blue and LiteBlue have additional information.

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