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Informed Delivery materials now available

Informed Delivery materials
Managers can order brochures and pocket pads to help employees answer customers’ questions about Informed Delivery.

USPS is encouraging managers and supervisors to provide employees with materials to educate them about Informed Delivery.

This optional, free feature allows residential customers to receive digital previews of their incoming mail. Informed Delivery is currently available in several districts and areas, although it will expand nationwide by late April.

Managers and supervisors in locations where Informed Delivery is available can order free pocket pads and brochures to help employees learn about the feature and respond to consumer inquiries.

These materials can be requested through eBuy 2 by searching 7690180002329 for pocket pads and 7690180002330 for brochures.

Employee interested in signing up for Informed Delivery may do so at Sign-up is voluntary and must be completed off the clock.

The Informed Delivery sites on Blue and LiteBlue also have information for employees.

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