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No flaking out

Employees persevere during March snowstorm

Letter Carrier Andy Lac delivers mail March 14 in Arlington, VA, one of the East Coast communities hit by this week’s snowstorm.

Postal Service employees powered through the snowstorm that hammered the Northeast this week, demonstrating once again that Old Man Winter is no match for USPS.

About 50 million people along the East Coast were under storm warnings or watches from March 13-14. The hardest hit regions include eastern Pennsylvania and northern New York, which each received about 2 feet of snow.

Postal operations were disrupted in some areas, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, where roads were shut down.

In other areas, the mail kept moving — to the delight of employees and customers alike.

“Neither snow nor sleet nor rain will keep this courier from his appointed rounds,” Cranston, RI, Letter Carrier Ray Magnone told the Providence Journal.

During bad weather, the Postal Service delivers mail only where it’s safe to do so. Managers remind employees to dress warmlydrive safely and take steps to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.

USPS also encourages customers to keep mailboxes and walkways clear of snow.

This week’s postal perseverance didn’t go unnoticed in the press.

After interviewing carriers in State College, PA, local TV reporter Jackie Padilla tweeted, “Sending WARM thoughts to all the postal workers today!”

She added a hashtag: #NotAllHeroesWearCapes.

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