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Managers reminded to share survey results

USPS employees sit at table to discuss results
Honolulu Customer Services Supervisor Glenn Pang, center, leads a state-of-the-team conversation last year with retail associates Dawn Capillo and Hirosi Tsurimoto.

Do you know the state of your team?

USPS is reminding managers and supervisors to conduct state-of-the-team conversations with their employees now that the latest Postal Pulse survey results are out.

During these conversations, managers should share their team scores and make sure employees understand the results.

Managers can access their teams’ survey results from a site run by Gallup, the organization that administers the Postal Pulse.

USPS has provided managers with tips, step-by-step guidance and an outline on how to share results and plan to make improvements.

“The results of the latest survey are encouraging for our organization,” Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams said. “Now it’s time to build on our success by applying lessons learned and increasing engagement on the team level.”

After sharing results with their teams, managers and supervisors should determine one action to improve in the next 90 days.

Throughout the 90-day period, managers should regularly evaluate the team’s progress, assess the actions needed to achieve the team goal and recalibrate as necessary.

The Postal Pulse LiteBlue page has additional information.

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