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French lessons

La Poste letter carriers visit Las Vegas

USPS carrier
Las Vegas Letter Carrier Paul Cosio, center, shares a laugh with French carriers Astrid Gaston-Labat and Julien Couradeau.

Call it the Tour de Vegas.

Six letter carriers from La Poste, the French postal service, recently accompanied some of their Las Vegas counterparts on their routes to learn how USPS delivers mail and packages.

It was an eye-opening experience.

“They were amazed at the volume, especially the parcel volume,” said Paul Cosio, one of the Las Vegas carriers who participated in the visit.

Packages are a smaller part of the mail mix in France, but that’s not the only difference between La Poste and USPS.

Most French carriers make deliveries on bicycle. Also, carriers are responsible for making scheduled checks on customers, among other civic duties.

The two organizations also share commonalities.

Like USPS, La Poste is experimenting with digital services, including an app that allows customers to send a package with a single click.

The six carriers who visited the Garside Station in Las Vegas were part of a larger delegation that participated in the Consumer Electronics Show, where USPS also exhibited new products and services.

“The carriers were very impressed with the way we deliver mail,” said Consumer and Industry Contact Manager Marilyn Wassell, who helped organize the visit.

La Poste also arranged for the carriers to visit the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas strip.

“But to many of the carriers, the trip to the U.S. Post Office was most impressive,” Wassell said.

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