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Wild winter

Employees delivering in unusual conditions

Franklinton, LA, Letter Carrier Cindy Taylor
Franklinton, LA, Letter Carrier Cindy Taylor is one of many employees who have been dealing with unusually harsh weather this winter.

Mother Nature is shaking things up this winter, delivering extreme weather to areas that are usually spared from her wrath.

States such as Alabama, Louisiana and North Carolina have experienced snow, sleet and hail in recent weeks, while California, Nevada and Oregon have been hit with blizzards.

Despite these challenges, Postal Service employees are keeping the mail moving where it’s safe to do so.

“Even though it’s unusually cold, I’m committed to delivering for my customers,” said Franklinton, LA, Letter Carrier Cindy Taylor.

In Soda Springs, CA — where some areas are reporting as much as 20 feet of snow — Retail Associate Kelley Bernard-Garrett has kept the Post Office open to serve customers who rely on PO Boxes.

“I was stunned [by the amount of snow],” Bernard-Garrett said. “Soda Springs gets snow, but not to this degree.”

USPS is reminding employees to dress warmly, drive safely and take precautions to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.

The Postal Service is also asking customers to clear walkways and mailboxes of snow and ice to make it easier for carriers to complete their deliveries.

“The recent weather has been particularly challenging,” said Nevada-Sierra District Postal Operations Manager Suzanne Phillips. “We’re up for the challenge, but we are turning to the community to help us.”

Customers who have questions about mail delivery should refer to the online USPS Service Alerts page, where they will find specific information regarding delivery and retail services for affected areas.

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