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Come together

New series highlights engagement successes

The local Post Office remains important to the people of Confluence, PA — thanks in large part to the employees who work there.

The office, located about 80 miles outside Pittsburgh, is showcased in the first episode of “Engage,” a new video series that highlights USPS workplaces that foster enthusiasm, involvement and commitment.

“We have a very, very unique group of employees,” Postmaster Darryl Gesso says.

“It’s just like a nice, little family here, but it’s still a work environment. They know what their jobs are, and they know they have to get their jobs done.”

This spirit of camaraderie helped the office score highly on this year’s first Postal Pulse survey, ranking sixth in the nation.

Eastern Area Engagement Ambassador Mark Wahl says Confluence’s success helps make the office integral to the community it serves.

“Ultimately, you have to have a positive employee experience before you have a positive customer experience,” Wahl says.

“Engage’s” 5-minute debut episode also features interviews with Eastern Area VP Josh Colin and Operations Support Manager Jay Phelan, who each offer big picture tips for creating an engaging workforce.

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