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Postal Bulletin

Latest issue explores election, political mail

The Postal Bulletin's Sept. 1 cover
The Postal Bulletin's Sept. 1 cover

The Sept. 1 edition of the Postal Bulletin features Election Mail and Political Mail as the Postal Service prepares for the 2016 general election.

As Election Day approaches, postal facilities will handle increased amounts of time-sensitive mail promoting candidates, referenda and issues.

Additionally, many states have adopted “No Excuse Absentee Voting” and “Vote-by-Mail” options to increase voter turnout and make it more convenient to participate in elections.

The article explains different types of Election Mail and Political Mail. It also includes information on the Hatch Act, Franked Mail, and other topics.

The Sept.1 Bulletin also previews the upcoming Jack-o’-lanterns and Kwanzaa stamps.

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