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Law prohibits some political activities

Federal employees must follow Hatch Act restrictions on their political activities on the job.
Federal employees must follow Hatch Act restrictions on their political activities.

USPS is reminding employees of the rules established by the Hatch Act, a law that prohibits federal workers from engaging in some political activities.

The law aims to ensure programs are administered in a nonpartisan fashion.

Under the law, employees are prohibited from the following:

  • Wearing buttons or other items displaying the name or likeness of a political candidate party while on the job.
  • Making political contributions while on the clock.
  • Using USPS email addresses to send partisan political messages.

There also are restrictions on employees’ use of social media in connection with political activities.

Additionally, employees may place political bumper stickers on their own vehicles. However, if employees park on postal property, they are limited to one sticker that can be seen on the vehicle.

Also, employees must cover political bumper stickers while using personal vehicles to conduct postal business.

Under the Hatch Act, employees may register to vote and vote for their preferred candidates.

Employees may also assist in registration drives, attend political rallies and run for office in nonpartisan elections, among other activities.

If you have questions, contact your field law office, send an email to or call the Ethics Office at 202-268-6346.

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