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Sparking a movement

New video highlights #PostalProud initiative

A cartoon image of a letter carrier delivering a mailpiece to a customer.
The new #PostalProud video uses images from the posters distributed in the fall.

A new video shows how the Postal Service’s search for ways to improve delivery helped spark the #PostalProud movement.

“It began with a question,” a narrator states at the start of the video. “We set out on a journey asking ourselves: How can we better deliver with care?”

The search for answers led to a dialogue between employees and managers, who determined that delivering with care reflects the organization’s core principles: paying attention to detail, working safely, celebrating successes and treating co-workers and customers with respect.

“Delivering with care is simply what happens when we are at our best,” the narrator notes.

Chief Operating Officer David Williams said the video underscores #PostalProud’s ongoing momentum.

“#PostalProud demonstrates how powerful our organization can be when our 620,000 employees come together with pride and purpose to serve our customers and each other,” Williams said.

The initiative began in November and was widely embraced by employees. The efforts include a series of popular workplace posters that are shown throughout the new video.

“Our journey has ignited the deep-seated pride in our organization,” the video’s narrator concludes. “We believe that by fanning these flames, together we will spark a movement.”

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