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Site offers daily business reminders

The Smart Business Moments site reminders cover USPS policies and business goals.

Are you getting your daily dose of helpful hints?

Last fall, the Postal Service introduced Smart Business Moments, a site that posts two brief reminders each weekday about USPS policies, federal regulations and business goals.

Managers and supervisors are asked to deliver these short messages during meetings that include more than 10 employees, regular staff meetings and live-training programs.

“Smart Business Moments provide employees with quick reminders about rules and business goals that help the Postal Service decrease expenses, increase revenue, work safely and smartly, and maintain the confidence of the American public,” said Associate General Counsel Michael J. Elston.

The reminders are refreshed regularly to reflect the Postal Service’s changing needs.

For example, new additions to the site in May cover political activities, Information Technology security measures and Freedom of Information Act compliance tips.

Beginning May 5, the daily Link email will include a link to that day’s Smart Business Moment messages.

“We look forward to being featured in the daily Link email and helping employees understand how following these rules and working toward goals help our business,” Elston said.

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