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New site offers wisdom for postal workplaces

Smart business
The Smart Business Moments site will offer two daily reminders for managers and supervisors to use in meetings.

The Postal Service wants to give employees the knowledge they need to make good business decisions.

This week, USPS will introduce “smart business moments” — short reminders that cover the policies, regulations and laws that involve the organization.

Managers and supervisors are asked to offer these reminders during meetings that include more than 10 people, such as staff gatherings, presentations and training sessions.

“Our goal is to provide employees with brief tips and reminders that will help the Postal Service grow its business, work safely and smartly, and maintain the confidence of the American people,” said Associate General Counsel Michael Elston, who oversees the program.

USPS has introduced a site that offers two smart business moments daily. These reminders will come in two formats — PowerPoint slides and PDF documents — that users can download and use in their meetings.

If pressed for time, employees may view that day’s reminders on their smart phones before a meeting begins.

For example, when you visit the site’s calendar and select Oct. 2, you’ll see a tip about protecting postal information and a reminder about the rules involving employee gift exchanges.

More information is available on the Your Smart Business Moment site.

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