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Making progress

USPS meeting sustainability goals, research shows

Men installing solar paneling
Some USPS facilities have installed solar panels to promote energy conservation.

Postal Service facilities across the nation are using 42 percent less energy than they did in 2003, the newly released USPS Annual Sustainability Report shows.

Energy usage at the 32,000 facilities fell to 19.5 trillion British thermal units in 2015, down from 33.72 trillion units in 2003.

The report also notes the Postal Service’s progress in other areas, such as water usage, which is down 31 percent since 2007, and greenhouse gas emissions, which have dropped 12 percent since 2008.

Opportunities for improvement are also reported.

“USPS is a leader in implementing environmental and socially responsible operations and services,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day. “With a presence in most towns and cities across the nation, we’re especially mindful of the impact that today’s actions can have on future generations.”

The Postal Service’s sustainability efforts, including recently announced plans to respond to climate change, align with the organization’s goals to improve efficiency and manage risk.

Updates on the USPS BlueEarth Secure Destruction program and other initiatives are also included in the report, which is available on the Sustainability site.

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