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Reducing risk

USPS devising climate strategy

USPS wants employees’ input on its strategy to respond to climate change.
USPS wants employees’ input on responding to climate change.

The Postal Service is devising a strategy to respond to climate change — and the organization wants employees’ input.

The weather conditions associated with climate change — including increased flooding, rising sea levels and temperature changes — could affect mail service, employee safety and the Postal Service’s costs.

“We’re taking a proactive approach now to address the impact of climate change on the Postal Service and to better position our organization to manage emerging mission risks, ensure effective operation and identify new resilience opportunities,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day.

USPS is taking two approaches: mitigating climate change and adapting to changing weather patterns. The strategy is part of a broader effort to promote sustainability and improve energy efficiency.

“Climate change adaptation planning is essentially risk management,” Day said. “Since we know the global climate is projected to continue to change over this century and beyond, there is still time to act to limit the amount of change and the extent of damaging impacts. Now is the time to reduce our risk.”

Employees are encouraged to email Sustainability ideas and suggestions that could be incorporated into to the climate change strategy.

The Blue Sustainability site has more information.

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