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Dream job

Postmaster fulfills career goal

Osage, IA, Postmaster Jennifer Reinke. Image: The Press-News
Osage, IA, Postmaster Jennifer Reinke. Image: The Press-News

When Osage, IA, Postmaster Jennifer Reinke joined the Postal Service six years ago, she had her sights set on a leadership role.

“I said I wanted to be the Osage Postmaster and I’ve met the goal,” Reinke told The Press News this month.

She was promoted to a management position six weeks into her postal career and moved into other leadership posts before landing her dream job last fall.

One of Reinke’s first challenges was the busy holiday season, when she had to hire extra staff to help process the surge in holiday packages.

Reinke also works with employees to keep the mail moving during the harsh winter weather.

On a typical day, Reinke prepares reports, helps staff sort packages for deliveries and assists customers at the retail counter.

“We try to have fun on a daily basis,” Reinke said. “I’m pretty content where I am right now.”

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