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New service catches phony USPS emails

A new service has slashed the number of phishing emails received by USPS customers.

The Postal Inspection Service recently introduced an email authentication service that has reduced the number of phony USPS messages that customers receive by 98 percent.

Previously, more than 1 million emails that falsely represented the USPS brand were received by customers each week. These emails appeared legitimate but contained links or attachments to phishing schemes.

“The Postal Service is a trusted brand, so reducing fraudulent emails was a top priority,” said Chief Information Security Officer Randy Miskanic.

The program works with major email providers and verifies that messages come from an authenticated USPS domain name server. Unverified emails never reach their intended targets.

“We maintain a positive image of the Postal Service and prevent the cyber crooks’ schemes from being seen so our customers don’t become victims of fraud,” said Cyber, Product and Global Security Assistant Inspector in Charge Michael Ray.

Employees who receive suspicious emails should report them to the CyberSecurity Operations Center at

The CyberSafe at USPS sites on Blue and LiteBlue have additional tips.

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