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Before you click

Employees reminded to avoid scams

USPS reminds employees to be diligent when operating postal devices.

When you use a computer or mobile device on the Postal Service’s computer network, always watch out for phishing scams and malware.

Phishing occurs when scammers send emails that appear to be from reputable institutions, such as banks or businesses, to convince you to reveal personal information online.

Malicious software, also known as malware, describes programs that arrive as email attachments. Once downloaded, the programs replicate and damage computer systems.

Cyber criminals often use email to spread phishing traps or hidden malware, potentially damaging the confidentiality of a user’s data.

When you receive an email:

Confirm the email address or the name of the sender before opening an email.

  • Review the email message to determine if it is legitimate.
  • Be wary of messages that require “immediate action” or request personal information.
  • Confirm the link or attachment is from a reliable source before you click.

Call 866-877-7247 or email the USPS Computer Incident Response Team to report suspicious emails. The CyberSafe at USPS  on Blue has more information.

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