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USPS recognizes survey participants

USPS employees are encouraged to regularly share their feedback on their workplace environments.
Postal Service employees are encouraged to regularly share feedback on their workplace environments.

USPS is thanking employees who participated in the most recent Postal Pulse survey — and reminding them there are more ways to share their feedback

The Postal Service will conduct the survey twice this year and use the feedback gathered to make workplace changes and improvements.

More than 175,000 employees participated in the latest survey, conducted Feb. 16-March 28.

USPS will share the results in May, followed by team conversations in each workplace and action plans based on survey results.

The next Postal Pulse survey is scheduled for August, although employees don’t have to wait until then to share their feedback.

USPS also offers an employee engagement comment box in the upper left hand corner of the LiteBlue home page.

Additionally, employees can email comments to or call 844-303-6424 to record their feedback.

All feedback is received by the employee engagement team, which considers the suggestions and seeks ways to enact them when appropriate.

“Every employee’s voice matters, and we want to hear from them throughout the year,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams.

The Employee Engagement Blue site has more information, including a guide to employee engagement, an employee photo gallery and informational videos.

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