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Embracing #PostalProud

Employees show support for new initiative

Woodbridge, VA, Letter Carrier Caterina Daniels displays her enthusiasm for #PostalProud.

Employees are embracing the #PostalProud initiative to promote delivering with care, treating customers with courtesy and other core USPS principles.

Several facilities are showcasing employees who are enthusiastic about #PostalProud, which began last week.

For example, employees at the Elizabeth, NJ, Post Office were recently photographed holding letters that spell out #PostalProud.

“We wanted to show that we’re excited and up to the task during peak season,” said Postmaster Dennis Allocco.

Greater Boston District also has embarked on a #PostalProud effort, creating a series of promotional images that show employees expressing their support.

“The Postal Service has given me a great opportunity. I’m proud of that and the people I work with,” said Boston P&DC Mail Handler Jimmy Zheng, who is featured in one image.

The national #PostalProud initiative includes posters, videos and other communications. Although the initial efforts are geared toward delivery employees, #PostalProud will continue to expand throughout USPS.

Pacific Area VP Dean Granholm said #PostalProud taps into an emotion that unites all employees.

“Pride that is genuine, not boastful, and based on real accomplishments helps bring us together when we’re doing well at work, both individually and as a team,” Granholm said.

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