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Employees share pride in new video

Alhambra, CA, City Carrier Assistant Kevin Castillo stars in the recent behind-the-scenes video.

A new USPS-TV video shows employees expressing pride in serving the nation’s businesses.

“[We’re] improving every day for our business customers,” Santa Clarita, CA, Distribution Operations Manager Tony Gethers says in the 2-minute segment. “We are putting so much emphasis on customer satisfaction.”

Gethers and other employees in the video cite USPS scanning technology, which allows businesses to track parcels as they move through the postal network.

“Scanning is good … for our business customers because [it offers] real-time information,” says Santa Clarita Mail Handler Angela Smith.

Chris Spring, also a Santa Clarita mail handler, says this data is particularly important in “the new age we live in where everything’s instant.”

Several employees who appear in the video, which debuted March 21, are also featured in the Postal Service’s new TV ads.

The video notes USPS processes more than 400 million mailpieces a day and delivers more online purchases to homes than any other carrier.

“[Businesses] trust us. … That’s big,” says Kissimmee, FL, Letter Carrier Cinthia Vissepo.

For Sandusky, MI, City Carrier Assistant Max Martin, the Postal Service’s ability to serve so many businesses is a source of pride.

“I’m … proud of being part of something that’s bigger than myself,” he says.

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