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Rising star

Texas employee featured in TV ad

Letter Carrier
San Angelo, TX, Letter Carrier Megan Beecher. Image: Standard-Times

The latest TV ads featuring Postal Service employees haven’t started airing, but one star is already experiencing her 15 minutes of fame.

San Angelo, TX, Letter Carrier Megan Beecher was profiled this week by her hometown newspaper, the Standard-Times, as well as a local TV newscast.

In both interviews, Beecher recalls being chosen for the ad campaign after submitting a homemade audition video in which she expresses her enthusiasm for her career.

“I take my job very seriously. I don’t stay stagnant … and I love the people,” she told the Standard-Times. “I think that they saw that, and they wanted that energy.”

The ad campaign will begin March 21, although the commercials featuring Beecher aren’t expected until later in the month and July.

Beecher filmed the spots in Los Angeles along with other employees from across the nation. She enjoyed visiting California — especially when she was greeted at the airport by a driver holding a sign with her name.

Beecher also appreciates the enthusiasm of her colleagues back home.

“Leaving here, I [knew I] had the full support of my co-workers and supervisors,” she told KLST.

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