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Happy returns

Postal Service helps companies save on returns

Priority Mail boxes on a workroom floor.
USPS is helping MRS users reduce costs by waiving fees.

USPS is waiving fees for businesses that use the Merchandise Return Service (MRS) to process returns from their customers.

The annual permit and account maintenance fees will be waived for MRS users that ship both returns and one outbound package per year.

Manual weighing and rating of MRS parcels also have been streamlined to simplify returns.

“These upgrades guarantee both sellers and the Postal Service many happy returns,” New Products and Innovation VP Gary Reblin said.

The Postal Service is expected to process millions of returns in January, when customers traditionally ship unwanted or not-quite-right holiday gifts back to retailers.

MRS provides companies with a prepaid method for receiving returned parcels.

The company pays postage and extra service fees on single-piece-price First-Class Mail, Priority Mail and Package Services parcels that are returned with a special label generated by the authorized permit holder.

MRS accounts can be established at any Post Office.

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