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Returns to sender

USPS aims to make it easy to ship unwanted gifts

Staten Island, NY, Mail Handler Helene Garret, shown in December, is one of many employees helping USPS process returns this month.

The Postal Service is expected to process millions of returns in January, when customers traditionally ship unwanted or not-quite-right holiday gifts back to retailers.

USPS predicts an 8 percent increase in returns this month compared to last January’s volume of 6 million packages.

To make it easy to return gifts through the mail, the Postal Service offers flat rates for customers who use Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. In addition, USPS offers online label printing, package tracking, free insurance on packages valued at $50 or less, and more.

Customers can order free Priority Mail packing supplies through and the Postal Service will deliver them, also free of charge.

When a return package is ready for shipping, customers can visit to schedule free package pickups from their home or office.

USPS also offers package return services for commercial, mid-sized and small mailers to make it easier for them to accept returns.

Additionally, business customers can use Priority Mail Returns Service, First-Class Package Return Service or Ground Return Service to help customers make returns easier.

More information is available in the Postal Bulletin’s latest issue.

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