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PMG thanks employees for holiday service

In a new letter, PMG Megan J. Brennan thanks employees for their holiday service.

PMG Megan J. Brennan is thanking Postal Service employees for their commitment to delivering the holidays for customers.

“We rightly take pride in our performance,” Brennan writes in a new letter to employees. “From acceptance to delivery, we demonstrate our ability to handle customers’ packages with the care and attention they expect, and hold ourselves to the highest standards.”

USPS expects to deliver more than 15 billion mailpieces — including 600 million packages — during the holiday season.

This achievement is reflected in the #PostalProud initiative, the PMG explains.

#PostalProud aims to “recognize and amplify the commitment of more than 600,000 employees who proudly serve our customers and the American public every day,” Brennan writes. “You help make the Postal Service a tremendous organization.”

The letter is being mailed to every employee’s home address.

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