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Heartwarming holiday

Rachael Ray, USPS send cheer to real-life heroes

Rachael Ray speaks to Austin Smoyer, 6, on the Dec. 11 edition of her TV show.

Rachael Ray used Priority Mail last week to salute people she deemed “holiday heroes.”

On the Dec. 11 edition of her TV talk show, Ray spotlighted Austin Smoyer, a 6-year-old Virginia boy who collects donations for a local food bank.

At the end of the segment, New York, NY, Letter Carrier Calvin Kuang surprised Austin and his mother with dozens of Priority Mail boxes filled with non-perishable food for the bank.

Kuang also delivered Priority Mail boxes filled with supplies for a Florida couple who use inspirational artwork to promote random acts of kindness.

Additionally, Kuang delivered boxes of Ray-branded cookware and cookbooks to a woman who lost hers in a fire.

Ray praised the Postal Service as “our go-to holiday resource” at the beginning of the sponsored segment, which continued the host’s season of giving.

On other recent shows, Ray used Priority Mail to send holiday decorations to a Connecticut military family and school supplies to a Massachusetts kindergarten teacher.

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