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Ray of light

Rachael Ray, USPS team to surprise teacher

Rachael Ray addresses viewers during her TV show’s Nov. 24 edition.
Rachael Ray touts USPS during her TV show’s Nov. 24 edition.

The Postal Service recently surprised a kindergarten teacher with a holiday gift that will keep on giving — courtesy of talk show host Rachael Ray.

On the Nov. 24 edition of her show, Ray used Skype to chat with Massachusetts teacher Heidi Solivan about Solivan’s efforts to raise money for educational devices for her classroom.

Suddenly, Solivan’s doorbell rang: It was Mansfield, MA, Letter Carrier Richard Fitzgerald, who delivered several Priority Mail packages containing the devices Solivan needed.

Ray told viewers the delivery demonstrates the reliability of USPS.

She also touted the Postal Service’s real-time delivery notifications, which provide customers with email and text alerts within a few minutes of the delivery scan for packages.

“The United States Postal Service is there for all of us in everything we need,” Ray said during the sponsored segment. “They will let you know that your package actually gets there — and when it does.”

Solivan told The Sun Chronicle newspaper she was surprised when Fitzgerald arrived on her doorstep with the donated equipment, which is made by Lightspeed Technologies.

“I had no idea they were going to show up,” Solivan said.

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