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USPS takes ‘customer-obsessed’ approach, site reports

Next Gov article
USPS has the best customer service in the government, Next Gov reports.

USPS delivers the best customer service in the government because the organization focuses on meeting consumers’ needs, the Next Gov news site reported last week.

“We’re obsessed with customers and gaining their trust,” Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec told the site. “The feedback we get from our customers is essential for us to drive the business.”

The Postal Service tops Forrester Research’s annual federal customer experience index, NextGov notes.

Another recent study found more Americans have a favorable view of USPS than any other government agency, while consumers in a new Gallup poll rank the service they receive at Posta Offices among the best in the nation.

Next Gov cites recent improvements to the Postal Service’s customer surveys, allowing USPS to address potential problems faster, Nemec said.

The Postal Service’s focus on technology — including the My USPS package-tracking app — also is praised.

“The times have changed, and USPS has changed with the times,” Nemec said.

Forrester Research’s senior analyst, Rick Parrish, said the Postal Service uses technology strategically.

“It’s about USPS taking the time to systematically find out … what experiences will actually drive greater customer loyalty, and then actually implementing them,” Parrish said.

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