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Post Office customer service ranks highly in poll

Almost 80 percent of adults rank customer service at Post Offices highly, Gallup reports.

Americans rank the customer service they receive at Post Offices among the best in the nation, according to a new Gallup poll.

Almost 80 percent of adults say they received “excellent” or “good” service at a Post Office they visited during the past month.

Post Offices rank third on a list of several major business types.

The top two types: bank branches, where 89 percent of the public had an excellent or good experience, and pharmacies, where service is rated highly by 87 percent of consumers.

The poll aligns with new Pew Research Center findings that show more Americans have a favorable view of the Postal Service than any other government agency.

In the Gallup survey, Post Offices proved popular among all age groups.

For example, more than three quarters of “millennials” — adults born after 1980 — rank the customer service at Post Offices highly, compared to 81 percent for baby boomers (born between 1946-64) and 86 percent for “traditionalists” (born between 1900-45).

Gallup’s lowest-rated business type: fast food restaurants, which received an excellent rating from 15 percent of the public.

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