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All thumbs

Mobile shopping becoming more popular, Facebook reports

Consumers are increasingly comfortable shopping on smartphones, new research suggests.

When it comes to online shopping these days, thumbs rule.

Consumers are increasingly comfortable using their mobile devices to make purchases, according to new research from Facebook IQ, the company’s in-house research division.

In fact, Facebook predicts the percentage of online shoppers who makes purchases on mobile devices will grow 30 percent during the final three months of this year, when holiday shopping is in full swing.

The surge will be driven by younger consumers, Hispanics and mothers in their 20s and 30s, according to Facebook IQ’s report, which is titled “The Thumb Is in Charge.”

However, as The Wall Street Journal’s coverage of the study notes, many consumers still use mobile devices for research and then complete their purchases on desktops or in stores.

Other recent research underscores the growth in mobile shopping, including a study last month that suggests women are now more likely than men to shop on their smartphones and tablets.

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