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Letter goals

Teen’s note prompts White House visit

Soccer star Hope Solo tweeted this image with Ayla Ludlow at the White House last week.

While watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup last summer, 13-year-old Ayla Ludlow’s brother informed her boys were “much better at soccer than girls.”

The comment prompted the Pembroke, MA, teen to write the first family.

“It makes me mad that people do not treat girls equally,” Ayla wrote. “Plus a lot of girls are better at sports than boys. So all I am saying is that I would like to do something about it. And I need your help.”

Ayla was invited to the White House last week to read her letter in front of President Obama and the U.S. women’s national soccer team, which was being honored for its recent World Cup victory.

“I never thought my letter would bring me here,” Ayla said, according to The Boston Globe’s coverage.

Her letter is also featured on a White House site introduced earlier this year to highlight handwritten notes to the president.

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