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Dear Mr. President

White House website highlights handwritten letters

Natoma Canfield, whose letter to the president is highlighted on the new site. Photo: Cleveland Plain Dealer

The White House has introduced a website to highlight handwritten letters to President Obama, along with stories about the writers.

The first featured letter comes from Natoma Canfield, a cancer survivor in Ohio who wrote about her experiences in the health care system.

Another letter comes from Kathy Kahn and Julie Johnson, a married couple in California who praised the colored lights used to decorate the White House after the Supreme Court’s recent same-sex marriage ruling.

“We are writing to say how deeply moved we both were when we saw pictures of the White House lit up in rainbow colors,” the women wrote. “Talk about feeling validated!”

The site, which features a stamp-like image of the White House, includes the mailing address and instructions on submitting correspondence to the president.

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