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Improving workplaces

Postal Pulse will strengthen accountability, Williamson says

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The first Postal Pulse survey was administered March 16-April 3.

The Postal Pulse survey is a measurement tool to help managers improve USPS workplaces, Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson says in a new video interview.

The survey questions were designed to provide insight into the relationships between employees and managers, Williamson says.

For example, one question asks if employees have the resources they need to do their job. If an individual department or team consistently scores poorly on this question, senior leaders will turn to the manager to find out why.

“If employees in certain organizations do not have the materials or the resources to do their jobs … we can see that,” Williamson says.

The first Postal Pulse survey was conducted this year. The results show USPS must strengthen “employee engagement,” a term used to describe employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and positive contributions to the organization.

“It starts with your manager and supervisor taking ownership and responsibility to create an environment that not only ensures you’re committed, but that you’re involved, enthusiastic and you enjoy what you’re doing,” Williamson says.

Williamson addressed other Postal Pulse topics in another video interview last month. Employees can email feedback to

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